Goals and missions


The root principle of the enterprise is to be customer-oriented and everlasting improvement based on growing market needs. Orientation for supreme quality of our services and goods and maximum efficiency of industrial and business processes are based on day-to-day hard work of every employee and the enterprise as a whole.

| Best offer

We are cooperating with the leading burning and combustion devices manufacturers, who hold national and international certificates, which allows us offering the goods with the optimal price and quality relation. The delivery program includes multiple levels and accounts for different needs and budgets.


  • Substantial experience in heat and power industry, high-quality employees, powerful industrial potential, and advanced technologies application defined the credo of “AZIAENERGOPROEKTMONTAZH” – “We bring warmth!”
  • Customers’ problems and needs shall define our thinking approach and economic activity.
  • Our corporate culture is based on partnership and team sprit.
  • Our employees are dedicated and should contribute to our goals and missions
  • We achieve our goals and our solutions are long-lasting.



  • boiler equipment industrial nomenclature and capacities expanding;
  • gas-measuring modified devices development;
  • obtaining power from renewable power sources;

Using our products, systems, and services we are offering the maximum benefit for our customers.