• complex heat supply projects development for towns and districts;
  • boiler rooms turnkey development;
  • independent subsystem development (CTP, ITP, heating ducts parts) development;
  • boiler room majo overhaul;
  • full stack service for boiler room turnkey installation;
  • existing boiler room modernizing;
  • refractory solution and fillers preparation, refractory brick masonry, refractory concrete installation, and other brickwork and heat isolation services;
  • isolation materials dismantling, malfunctioning and auxiliary equipment dismantling;
  • commissioning, including internal and external examination, hydraulic testing, bucking, flushing, development of regime maps;
  • hoisting facilities, tension systems installation, wire ropes tensioning and regulating, parachute braking system installation;
  • hoisting facilities commissioning;


We offer

  • Boilers and boiler equipment
  • Autonomous heating systems
  • Emergency and alarm system controls
  • Preisolated pipes for heating ducts
  • Metal constructions for all purposes
  • All kinds of construction services